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Food Wars

Let food be thy medicine. How many times have we heard that? Diet is undoubtedly an essential factor in the healing process. It sounds extremely simple, yet in the current zeitgeist, food has become one of the most complicated of subjects for a great many. It can be overwhelming seeing how our society is inundated with myriad dietary ideologies crossing a broad spectrum and consistently contradicting one another, whilst all claiming they have the end-all-be-all answer to all your personal needs by means of method A-Z. Particularly in this era, I emphasize educating particularly on the types of oils clients consume, as many of them are relatively new to the human diet. I am referring to many of the cheap, processed, and consistently rancid seed oils (canola, cottonseed corn, soy, etc) replete in the processed food supply. These oils are extremely inflammatory. Hence, when I work intimately with a client, it is important to take the time to address food. Suggestions can be merely a short description, all the way to a dedicated food diary. But, how far down the food rabbit hole should one go? It is up to the client’s level of commitment. All this being said, I keep my approach simple, because I find it all too easy for the food subject to get overwhelming, or for many, irrelevant to why they use my services.

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